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Iraq Body Count Demands Full Judicial Inquiry into the Dead in Iraq

The organization Iraq Body Count has made a demand that there be a full judicial inquiry into how many people have died in Iraq as a direct consequence of the immoral and unnecessary invasion of Iraq. Finally. Shameful that there has not been that same demand in the U.S. and very telling about the priorities of most Americans

I was in shock when the mainstream media in the states allowed the Bush administration to sweep the 2006 Lancet Report under the carpet. The Lancet reported that 650,000 Iraqi people had been killed as a direct consequence of the unnecessary and immoral U.S. invasion of Iraq. That report was buried. The MSM allowed it to happen.

Can you imagine how the American people would respond if the U.S. military were not counting dead and injured American soldiers. Can you imagine how Jews would feel if the 6 million Jews who were slaughtered in the horrific genocide that took place at the hands of Hitlers regime were not officially counted and trials held to hold some of those responsible for that horrific massacre accountable? Can you imagine how Gypsies, Poles etc feel when the millions of people killed by the Hitler regime are persistently ignored by our media etc? Can you imagine how families whose family members were slaughtered in Rwanda feel when the media basically ignored that 900,ooo people were slaughtered in 3 months.
Well that is exactly what has happenned during this immoral war in Iraq. The Iraqi dead, injured and millions displaced have basically been ignored. Uncounted. Absolutely no accountability. No trials. Nothing! What does this say about our morals? Our media? The American people?

I believe it is absolutely shameful absolutely shameful that the U.s. government, military, media and the American people choose to be so in the dark about how many people have been killed, injured and displaced in Iraq.
This is 2010 and the U.S. military can send and operate unmanned drones over Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and kill alleged terrorist while killing innocent people also. And yet somehow just somehow we can not count the dead, injured and displaced in Iraq. Shameful!

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