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Arming Laramie

I'm sure all you Blenders are familiar with who and what Pink Pistols are, but for those not familiar, they are the LGBT-centric firearms rights special intrest group. Their slogan/motto/saying is “Armed Gays don't get Bashed.”

I, myself, am an unofficial Pink Pistol, being on the mailing list, at least until I start working during the fall 2010 semester so I can finally afford a membership. Today, this cam down the Pink Pistols pike.

Documentary filmmakers Margaret Lewis and Tovah Leibowitz are making a documentary about the trend of LGBT people arming themselves to defend themselves against being bashed violently or murdered. This documentary is titled Arming Laramie. Check out the official trailer. Check out the documentary when it comes out. And check out the Pink Pistols' web site and see more of what we're all about and maybe join us if you want to learn a thing or two about private self-defense with a firearm.

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