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Late Night: Pouting Baby Doesn’t Understand Why Old Man Simpson Is So Grouchy

Pouting Baby doesn't understand Old Man Simpson (photo courtesy of Jim White)

Pouting Baby is talking to us again.  –JW

I don’t understand why Old Man Simpson is so grouchy.  He said a lot of mean things to a lot of people and wrote nasty letters to others.  Maybe part of it is that he’s been mean all his life.  He said mean things to Miss Anita way back in 1991.  He even got in trouble for  setting a fire and punching a policeman when he was a kid.

But the mean stuff he said to Miss Ashley is just too much.  Miss Ashley is working hard to make sure that people don’t have to eat catfood when they get old because they can’t afford to buy real food.  Old Man Simpson wants them to eat the catfood and he’s saying that what Miss Ashley does is just “babbling into the vapors”.

But there is one person who doesn’t think Old Man Simpson is mean.   Remember Bobby Gibbs who was angry at the people who want to make things better for everyone?  Well, he thinks Old Man Simpson is funny!

When someone is as cranky as Old Man Simpson, I don’t think they are funny.  When Grandpa used to get cranky like that, Grandma would give him a tablespoon of castor oil and send him to bed.

I saw Mr. Cenk on the television again today.   I think he understands Old Man Simpson very well.  He thinks that Mr. O should tell Old Man Simpson to go home and stop trying to make old people eat catfood.  Mr. Cenk is nice.

I agree with Mr. Cenk that Mr. O needs to send Old Man Simpson home.  But maybe he should give him some castor oil first.

Oh, and Old Man Simpson, nobody wants millions of titties.  Two are enough for anyone.

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