Every year, the George Washington University Residence Hall Association hosts “Target Takeover,” a couple of days at the beginning of the school year during which busses take students to the local Target store to buy supplies.  In light of recent events, I am – as an LGBT student of GWU – calling on the GWU RHA and the GWU administration to cut its ties to Target and call off the event.

GWU has always been known as a gay-friendly school.  Sure, it's not perfect (but we're working on it – stay tuned for gender-neutral housing within the next few years), but we are definitely better than associating ourselves with a corporation that donated $150,000 to the vehemently anti-gay Tom Emmer via the Minnesota Forward PAC.  Washington University has already dropped Target, and it's time for GWU to do the same.  Based on Target's homophobic campaign contributions – and its lackluster “apology” and unwillingness to make financial amends – I implore the GWU RHA to renounce its relationship with Target altogether.

In order to make my voice as an LGBT student heard, I have launched a campaign to call on members of the RHA directly to dump Target.  I emailed members of the RHA Executive Board, urging them to cancel “Target Takeover.”  I ask that my fellow students, LGBT and straight allies, do the same. Even if you are not a member of the GWU community, you should still get involved – the RHA should know that the nation is watching. 

So please, join the Facebook event and send a quick email to the following people telling them to drop Target:

David Glidden, President – dglidden@gwmail.gwu.edu
Matt Galewski, Vice Presidet – mgal@gwmail.gwu.edu
Stefanie Yacubovich, Secretary – syacubov@gwmail.gwu.edu

Let's make sure that the George Washington University stands up for ALL of its students.




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