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Corexit Returns To The Gulf — In The Worst Way

Sickening news coming from Washington’s Blog about claims from prominent chemist point to Corexit 9527(A) still being sprayed. And "Blackwater Type" mercs are doing the spraying.

However, Naman told me that he went to Dauphin Island, Alabama, last night. He said that he personally saw huge 250-500 gallon barrels all over the place with labels which said: Corexit 9527

And here’s the quote that set ME back on my ass:

Naman further said he saw mercenaries dressed in all black fatigues, using gps coordinates, applying Corexit 9527 at Dauphin Island and at Bayou La Batre, Alabama. The mercenaries were "Blackwater"-type mercenaries, and Naman assumed they must have been hired either by BP or the government.

The Source Blog

Hard for me to dispute chemist Naman’s contentions, given he’s been featured pretty prominently in the news, here at FDL/Seminal, etc.

This is horrifying. It’s beyond shock, for me. I’m numbed. I don’t doubt it, I’m not surprised, but I’m numbed that it IS happening, and find it incredible that no one else has exposed this till now.

To close, I have one question for any Seminal folks with a research bug they need to use.

Didn’t BP buy out ALL the stocks of a Corexit product early on, or just before the April Gusher hit? And just what version of Corexit WAS it?

And what about all those stories back in April/May about there not BEING enough product on hand OTHER than the stuff they bought out?

In other words, the blog article I link to refers to Nalco MAKING more Corexit 9500 that’s been/being used. Even though articles back in April/May were saying, they couldn’t make it in time to help, etc.

Which leads me to ponder:

Did BP buy out Corexit 9527 versions, and another version (I forget the #) that were toxic and then pass it off as Corexit 9500, and being SAFER?!?!!?

All along they might have been spraying a much more harmful Corexit than 9500?

A Corexit they bought out completely from NALCO, wiping out that inventory?

A product they bought out CHEAP because it can’t be used anywhere else in the world, for the most part?

I gots me LOTS of questions on this one, Pups.

But I got to tend to chores.

Have at it, and I’ll see what I can dig up for linky’s about Corexit products and such when I return.

But this revelation by chemist Naman is simply mind blowing. And phookin’ outrageous.

Someone should be held accountable for this travesty of evil. Mr. President.

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