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Does the Israeli Palestinian conflict, expanding illegal settlements, humiliation of Palestinians, bulldozing of Palestinians homes, destruction of Palestinian olive trees, continue to be off limits to so called progressive MSM host like Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, Dylan Ratigan, Ed etc? I think this critical issue is still off limits to most MSM outlets.

Thought I would also check through 2 months of both NPR’s Diane Rehm show (which was breaking out a bit the last several years) along with the archives of NPR’s Talk of the Nation.

Diane did a show on "U.S. – Israeli relations
ListenComments (21)Order a CDShareWednesday, July 7, 2010.

As I look through 2 months(July August) of Talk of the Nations archives not a peep about the Israeli Palestinian conflict. But did find two programs about Islam
"August 11, 2010 Religion
In ‘A World Without Islam,’ Not Much Would Change

August 17, 2010
What Goes On Inside Your Neighborhood Mosque"

So my question is this. Do folks think that anything has changed about the amount, depth, honesty of coverage by our T.V. MSM over the last several years? Has anything changed?

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