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“Catholic Analysts” call for boycott of Mexico City

The Council of Catholic Analysts have called for a boycott of Mexico City and expressed support for Cardinal Sandoval.  Beyond that,the council

encouraged all states in Mexico to protect marriage as the union between one man and one woman. It also called on the Legislative Assembly of Mexico City to ensure that conscientious objection be recognized, “so that nobody is forced to act against his conscience …  or is subjected to pressure when refusing to participate in the celebration of these ‘marriages’

Meaning the Mexican equivalent of our state marriage amendments are about to be pushed by the Church in defiance of the Mexican Supreme Court Rulings.

Moving on from marriage to adoption:

The council called for legislation establishing the right of children to have a father and a mother, and it called for a boycott of Mexico City for its attack on marriage, urging those who are engaged to be married to celebrate their weddings in other states as a protest against the new law in the Mexican capital.

They deny being against homosexuals but:

 we assert that these reforms do not mean progress towards full freedom, but rather constitute an obvious step backwards that relativizes fundamental human rights.”

What 'fundamental right' is being relativised? The right to use gay people as scapegoats to cover up your paedophile concealment problem?

Plus, nice to see that the Church sees this as a much more pressing issue than the massacre of some 70 people by a drug gang recently, which the brave men of the Council did not comment upon at all.

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