As Snooky just commented, “No wonder Paul LePage doesn’t talk to the press!

First and foremost, I gotta apologize. Apparently LePage does come out from the Bob-In occasionally and speak to the press.

The RGA may want to think about tightening up their leash on their pet after this latest buffalo pie

Quick note: “DEP” = Maine Department of Environmental Protections.

MPBN’s Susan Sharon: “Can you just give some examples of the DEP putting companies out of business?”

Paul LePage: “Downeast Peat. The peat fire-powered plant.”

Back in the 1980s, Downeast Peat in Deblois was North America’s first peat-powered power plant. Several peat bogs in the region were explored as possible sources of fuel. Because of water quality and other concerns, environmental assessments were required. When the original owner ran into financial problems, LePage says he was hired by the bank to manage the project.


“And the state of Maine made me do a three-month buffalo study,” LePage says. “Did you hear what I said? Buffalo study. The next spring, they decided that they still didn’t want this project to be built so they had us go out and count black flies. Two months counting black flies. That tells me that the attitude of the regulatory agency was very adversarial to that project.”

LePage says the regulatory agency responsible was the Maine DEP. He says one buffalo was counted, and it was located at the Acadia Zoo. But DEP spokeswoman Donna Gormley says there’s just one problem with LePage’s version of what happened.


“We went back through our files on Downeast Peat — you know, we’re talking 20 years ago. DEP did not require Downeast Peat, nor anyone else, to conduct a buffalo study or a black fly study as part of a permit requirement,” she says. “We didn’t do it 20 years ago and we don’t do it now.”

(Kudos to Sharon and Gormley for not laughing during the clip…)

And for the record, Acadia Zoo is in Lamoine- not Deblois. The two dinky lil towns are a good 50 plus miles apart…and the only thing near Deblois would be the Blueberry Barrens!

More below the fold.BZZ! MAJOR Fail on the truthiness, Paul! Even some of his own supporters spoke out in the clip and said the claims are not true.

Listen for yourself and decide on this guy’s state of mind, then ask yourself: Would you want THIS as YOUR Governor?

Arizonans, you are exempt from this question. I realize that even a dead cat would be a step up from Jan Brewer.

Maybe one of LePage’s flying buffaloes will migrate out your way and take her place…

So maybe instead of “Where in the world is Paul LePage?”, I should have entitled the piece “Home, Home With LePage- where the flies and the buffalo play!”

But setting the silliness and nuttiness aside, Maine needs to take a good hard look at who Paul LePage really is….