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Late Night: My Darling Prager, I Can’t Get Enough of Your LOVE, Den

I know I’ve been drawing your attention to Dennis Prager quite a bit lately, but that’s because he is ever so cute when he “thinks” and “says things out loud in public,” the great big fluffy twerp, him, oooh, I lurves me some Dennis Prager, I just can’t get enough of his crap, babe

I recently wrote about leftists’ hatred for conservatives as people, not merely for conservative ideas. Demonization of opponents is a fundamental characteristic of the left. It is not merely tactical; they believe people on the right are bad. (Here’s a test: Ask someone on the left if active support of California Proposition 8 — retaining the man-woman definition of marriage — was an act of hate.)

A related defining characteristic of the left is the ascribing of nefarious motives to conservatives. For the left, a dismissal of conservatives’ motives is as important as is dismissal of the conservatives as people.

How could you not love this warm, fuzzy, silly man?

Oh, we could be mean-spirited, like the baleful Tintin, and point out that the column is redolent with the scent of a profound lack of self-awareness (a mélange of stale Doritos, an unmopped locker room floor, and flatulence). Or we could point out that Prager thinks anyone who has ever done any research suggesting that children raised by gay parents won’t, I don’t know, grow up to be drooling criminals, gibbering imbeciles, or Radical Musselmen, was, ahem, and I quote, “conducted by academics with agendas: the denial of male-female differences,” something Prager says is EVIL, because, er, Prager is alarmed by transvestites.*

Anyway, what Prager is on about here specifically is the Jihadi Lower Manhattan Death Mosque and Murder Swimming Pool of the Musselmen:

I have not come across a mainstream leftist description of opponents of the mosque/Islamic center being built near ground zero that has not ascribed hate-filled, intolerant, bigoted, “Islamophobic” or xenophobic motives to those who oppose the mosque.

Well, maybe that’s because if you get upset that someone who has every legal right to build something they want to build in a neighborhood they’ve been in for a long time before someone they were never remotely connected to except for the fact that they belong to widely different branches of the same religion, that makes the “logic” of your position kind of, er, you know… bigoted?

But if it makes Dennis Prager feel any better, I love him, and I think he has every bit as much of a right to talk cockamamie bullshit on the Internet as Imams have to build mosques wherever they like. USA! USA!

* No, I don’t get it either. But the point is, he ascribes “motives” to liberals not just sometimes, it is all he does, and what he gets paid for, and that he gets paid for it is something I simply refuse to understand as a matter of normative cultural moral standards.

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