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Texas school rejects 4-year-old over lesbian parents

From CNN‘s Texas school rejects 4-year-old over lesbian parents:

— A private religious school in Texas has denied admission to the daughter of a lesbian couple who wanted to enroll the child in preschool, citing its "clear teaching of the Christian faith" for the refusal.

St. Vincent's School as a ministry of St. Vincent's Cathedral upholds the clear teaching of the Christian faith, the Holy Bible, and the Anglican Church in North America," the Rev. Ryan Reed said.

 It's actually the New Anglican Chuch, which broke away from the Episcopalian Church over the Episocalian Church's stance on homosexuals. Apparently, the Episcopalians' attitude is too permissive for the New Anglicans. Of course, the Episcopalian Church itself split from the Anglican Church (Church of England) after that whole Independence thing.

This school has a history of hardline Christian social engineering, having:

rejected an earlier preschool applicant who came from a gay household, fired an unmarried teacher who became pregnant and removed a man "from leadership roles in the school" after he left his wife for another woman.

My only question is, what federal monies are these people taking that can make them vulnerable to be spanked for their social engineering?

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