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Marine Corps Commandant Conway is still worried about his men rooming w/openly gay service members

What is this man’s problem? His Marines are already bunking and showering with teh homos and nothing has occurred. Marine Corps Commandant Gen. James Conway is obsessing so hard over this — this has to be at least the third time he’s made a public comment about needing separate quarters — that he must be having very vivid man-dreams at night about how it could all go horribly hornily wrong. (Igor Volsky at Think Progress):

NBC’s Jim Miklaszewski is reporting that Marine Corps Commandant Gen. James Conway has reiterated his position that if Congress repeals Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Marines who “don’t want to room” with openly gay soldiers should be allowed to live separately:

On a different, but related subject, Conway suggested that if the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” law is repealed, the Marines may consider allowing Marines not to share quarters with homosexuals.

Conway said the Marines may make such housing arrangements “voluntary” to accommodate any “moral concerns.” He said many Marines are “very religious” and because of their moral concerns “don’t want to room” with homosexuals.

Even the Pentagon thought Conway was a bit paranoid and attempted to distance itself from his “messaging.” Igor spoke with Pentagon spokesperson Geoff Morell who said: “no one is considering ‘separate but equal’ bathing or living facilities for you know, gay and straight troops. That’s just not ever a consideration.”

Conway at least has given up on wholly separate barracks, but is very concerned about man-to-man relationships when it comes to shut-eye quarters. He wants, in a post-DADT world that there must be the flexibility to opt out of bunking with the guy you were bunking with the night before he came out of the closet.

“Well, I think, as a commander, you try to satisfy the requirements of all your Marines. And if the law changes and we have homosexual Marines, we’ll be as concerned about their rights, their privileges, their morale, as we will Marines who feel differently about that whole paradigm.” He added that local commanders will be required “to assist us in making sure that every Marine is provided for and is focused on the fight at hand.”

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