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Karen Hughes: I Did Not Have Diplomacy with That Muslim

From the first chapter of Hughes’ autobiography, Ten Minutes from Normal.

I still remember the moment I first said it out loud. My husband and I were standing at the sink in the kitchen of the beautiful house that wasn’t ours, talking as we cleaned up the dinner dishes.

“Maybe we should just move back home this summer,” I said, and the look of relief that immediately crossed his face confirmed what I had suspected, what my husband still denies, but that all our friends believe—that he deeply missed Texas and was ready to go home.

Karen Hughes, today about her extensive collaboration with “Ground Zero” [sic] Mosque [sic] founder Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf in the Bush State Department.

I met with many Christian, Jewish and Muslim leaders and attended numerous events and conferences across the world and it’s entirely possible he was at some of those, but I don’t have specific recollections of that.

Funny how that works.

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