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Baltimore ABC2's crime report reveals beyond-offensive trans bias and ignorance

The hot mess of insults and bad reporting starts out with this headline on the site of Baltimore’s ABC2 news site:

Baltimore City firefighter faces charges after alleged attack on transvestite

Both men arrested after hammer & scissors attacks

Never mind the GLAAD media reference guide, this is completely off the hook offensive in many newsrooms. How many people’s eyes were on this copy:

“It was alleged that Mr. Majette actually hit the other party in the head with a hammer and there was physical evidence of that,” said Lt. Robert McCullough, “The other party involved in this also assaulted Mr. Majette with a pair of scissors.”

Complicating matters is the fact that the woman who faced off with the firefighter, 30-year old Tamara King, is a self-described transvestite who has not completed all of the necessary surgeries to change his sex from male to female.

“Did you think King was a male or female?” we asked his neighbor, Ford.

“As far as I thought, I thought it was just a young girl,” she replied, “You know. A young girl starting out on her own. I didn’t know it was male, female or whatever. I just thought it was a young girl.”

Police say the transvestite claims the two had stripped off their clothing to have sex when the firefighter backed out and attempted to rob him.

The reporter, Jeff Hagar. This editorial team there need some schooling and a copy of the GLAAD media guide sent to them. Here is the contact link, which includes News Director Kelly Groft (

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding