Arizona, Florida, Oklahoma, Vermont Primary Results – Liveblog

Today features primary elections in Alaska, Arizona, Florida and Vermont, along with a primary runoff in Oklahoma. I will be live blogging all of the results except for the very late closing Alaska. You can find a preview of what to watch for tonight here.

You can find live updated results at Politico, Florida Division of Elections, Oklahoma State Election Board, and Arizona Secretary of State.

Polls fully close at:
Vermont – 7:00 Eastern
Florida – 8:00 Eastern
Oklahoma – 8:00 Eastern
Arizona – 10:00 Eastern

7:00pm – Polls are now closed in Vermont and most of Florida.

7:35pm – We are getting are first taste of results from Florida. with 5.2% reporting in the Democratic Senate race Kendrick Meek has a big lead over Jeff Greene. Meek 49.9 – Jeff Greene 36.8.  In the GOP governor race with 4.5% reporting Rick Scott leads 50% compared to Attorney General Bill McCollum at 39.9%.

7:50pm – 12.4% reporting Meek is holding strong not surprisingly. Meek 53.7 – Greene 32.9.  In the GOP governor race Scott 46.1 – McCollum 44

8:00pm – Polls are now closed all over Florida. In the 8th district with 40% reporting it looks like Alan Grayson will end up facing Daniel Webster who has a commanding lead right now. Webster 42.7 – Todd Long 24.6 – Patricia Sullivan 10.8

8:08pm – The GOP primary to take on Suzanne Kosmas in FL-24 is very tight. With 20% reporting it is Sandra Adams 31.4 – Karen Diebel 29.3 – Craig Miller 26.8

8:14pm – Rick Scott might actually pull this off thanks to a strong finish. with 31% reporting it is Scott 46.3 – McCollum 43.5. If Scott wins it will be good for PPP which had him in the leading in their final poll and a miss for both Mason-Dixon and Quinnipiac that had McCollum winning.

8:15pm – The AP called the FL Dem Senate race for Kendrick Meek who is leading Greene by a wide margin.

8:28pm – Vermont is very slow to report. With only 6.5% reporting it is Deb Markowitz 26.7 – Doug Racine 25.3 – Matt Dunne 22.4 – Peter Shumlin 20.5. But to give you and idea Markowitz has only a total of 1546 votes so far.

8:37pm –  A pretty shocking development Blue Dog FL-02 incumbent Allen Boyd is doing very poorly in his primary. Al Lawson is a mere two points behind him with 42% reporting. Boyd 50.9 – Lawson 49.1

8:50pm – It looks like Rick Scott might actually pull this off he is holding steady with a modest lead. With 48% reporting it is Scott 46.2 – McCollum 43.4. The Republican party has really taken a hard right wing turn this year.

8:55pm – Daniel Webster has been called the winner in Republican FL-08 primary. He will face Alan Grayson this November. In OK-02 Charles Thompson was declared the winner in the GOP runoff against Daniel Edmonds. Thompson will face long time incumbent Dem Dan Boren

9:03pm – While There has not been a call in the FL-02 Democratic primary against Allen Boyd there has been a call on the Republican side. Steve Southerland has been called as the Republican nominee.

9:10pm – In the OK-05 GOP primary James Lankford has been called the winner. He is all but guaranteed to win in November.

9:17pm – In Meeks old district there is a huge nine way Dem primary. with 29.6% reporting the leader is Frederica Wilson 33.3 – Rudolph Moise 15.9 – Shirley Gibson 13.1

9:23pm – Numbers coming in real slow from Vermont. With 30% reporting it is Doug Racine 25.5 – Deb Markowitz 25.4 – Peter Shumlin 24 – Matt Dunne 19.4. No numbers from Burlington yet the biggest source of votes.

9:38pm – With 83.9% reporting Allen Boyd looks like he will barely scrap by to fight another day. Boyd 51.6 – Lawson 48.4

9:50pm – Things are very close in the FL-24 GOP primary with 94% reporting. Sandra Adams 30.3 – Karen Diebel 29.3 – Craig Miller 27.6.

10:00pm – Polls are now closed in Arizona!

10:06pm – The Vermont Dem governor primary literally  could not be closer. With 51.5% reporting it is Doug Racine 25.1 – Deb Markowitz 25 – Peter Shumlin 25 – Matt Dunne 19.4

10:30pm – Truly insane how close the Vermont Dem primary is. It is currently Racine 25 – Markowitz 25 – Peter Shumlin 24.9 – Dunne 20.1. Less than 100 votes separate the top three.

10:33pm – We got a call in Kendrick Meek’s old district FL-17. The winner is Frederic Wilson. The district is extremely blue.

10:41pm – In Florida with 89.1% reporting Scott is still holding strong. Scott 46.6 – McCollum 43.2.

10:43pm – In FL-02 incumbent Dem Allen Boyd survives a surprisingly close primary. The AP has just called him the win with only 51.4% of the vote. Boyd is not out of the woods though. He still faces a potentially difficult general election.

10:58pm – Rick Scott wins! Rick Scott wins! The AP has called the Republican governor race for Rick Scott. PPP a hat tip to you tonight for get this one right.

Scott and Greene proved that technically not any big spending self-funded millionaire can win in an expensive media market state it just can help A LOT.

FYI There will be no GOP governor unity rally after that brutal primary. Things are looking pretty good for Democrat Alex Sink.

11:22pm- Finally getting some numbers from Arizona. Not surprisingly John McCain is crush J.D. Hayworth. 11.1% reporting McCain 59 – Hayworth 30.2. The AP just called it for McCain. I guess he got his mandate from local Republicans to return to the Senate to “complete the dang fence.”

11:28pm – The closeness of the VT Dem Gov primary is remarkable. We have a new leader now in Peter Shumlin. Shumlin 25.3 – Doug Racine 25 – Markowtiz 24.1 – Dunne 20.4. Interesting for at least a brief period of time today each of those four candidates once held the lead in the count.

11:47pm – In the Arizona House Republican primaries:  AZ-01 with 46.4% reporting it is Paul Gosar 32.9 – Sydney Hay 22.5. AZ-03 it looks like Ben Quayle might just pull this off. With 11.6% reporting, Ben Quayle 22.2 – Jim Waring 19.1 – Steve Moak 18.1 – Vernon Parker 15.8. AZ-05 With 8.5% reporting it is David Schweikert 39 – Susan Bitter Smith 24.9 – Jim Ward 23.7. Schweikert declaring victory early might have been right. And in AZ-08 with 10.5% reporting it is Jesse Kelly 50.1 – Jonathan Paton 39.4.

12:11am – In VT with 86.9% reporting Shumlin is starting to pull away from the pack. The reason why? Strong support in the southern part of the state and a decent showing in Burlington. Shumlin 25.2 – Racine 24.8 – Markowitz 24

12:28am – With 87% reporting in VT Shumlin leads Racine by a mere 30 points.

12:37am – I’m not sure but I won’t be surprised if roughly 25% will end up the smallest winning plurality for a gov primary in VT history.

12:40am – Arizona is very slow to report.

12:52am – Racine now has a 13 vote lead over Shumlin.

12:55am – Things are looking good for the young Quayle. With 48.2% reporting in AZ-03 it is Quayle 22.7 – Waring 18.3. Note to Obama Republicans primary voters are selecting the candidates calling you the worst president in history, have fun trying to be bipartisan.

1:10am – In AZ-05 the AP has called the GOP primary for David Schweikert. He will take on incumbent Dem Harry Mitchell in November.

1:14am – WOW indeed. With 27.2% reporting in the Alaska GOP primary for Senate Sarah Palin backed Joe Miller is actually leading incumbent Lisa Murkowski. Miller 50.8 – Murkowski 49.2

1:25am – The GOP primary in AZ-08 have been called for Jesse Kelly, who gets to take on incumbent Dem Gabrielle Gifford in the general.

1:40am – The Republican primary in AZ-01 has been called for Paul Gosar who will face incumbent Ann Kirkpatrick in the general.

1:42am – Amazing with a third reporting in AK Miller is maintaining his lead. Miller 51.2 – Murkowski 48.8. Miller claims to be an anti-ear marker. If he wins, combined with the lose of Ted Steven I wonder what will become of Alaska if it stops getting such a disproportionately huge relative share of Federal money.

2:00am – It doesn’t look like we will get much more this evening. Left outstanding is the VT Dem Gov race. Currently stuck at 89.2% reporting It is Shumlin 25.1 – Racine 24.9 – Markowitz 23.8. The AZ-03 GOP primary has not been called but with 80.3% reporting it is Ben Quayle 22.7 – Steve Moak 18. It was also be while until we know the final results in Alaska but so far with 36.3% reporting Miller has 51.2 compared to Murkowski at 48.8. So I’m saying good night everyone

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