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Republicans Love the Constitution, Except All the Parts They Want to Change

by kjd

I’ve previously written about this little game those “strict constructionist” conservatives are playing in the post-Bush/Teabagging era, but it’s nice to see the Associated Press has gotten wise to it.

Republican Rep. Paul Broun of Georgia won his seat in Congress campaigning as a strict defender of the Constitution. He carries a copy in his pocket and is particularly fond of invoking the Second Amendment right to bear arms.

But it turns out there are parts of the document he doesn’t care for — lots of them. He wants to get rid of the language about birthright citizenship, federal income taxes and direct election of senators, among others. He would add plenty of stuff, including explicitly authorizing castration as punishment for child rapists.

This hot-and-cold take on the Constitution is surprisingly common within the GOP, particularly among those like Broun who portray themselves as strict Constitutionalists and who frequently accuse Democrats of twisting the document to serve political aims.

Republicans cheaply exploit the Constitution the same way they cheaply frame patriotism.

Stuff they don’t like just gets rebranded “unconstitutional.”

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