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Howard Kurtz is NOT Howard Beale

Another example of what’s horrifyingly wrong with our elite media institutions, particularly the Washington Post. Howard Kurtz chats today, rolling in his own slop from earlier:

I appreciate all the feedback I’m getting on this column, which tries to tie together some of the frustration I’ve been feeling on recent media coverage, and not just about the mosque. A colleague just suggested I change my byline to Howard Beale.

Yes, after Chris Hayes substitute hosting on The Rachel Maddow Show, Keith Olbermann, Eugene Robinson, Bob Herbert and even Lawrence O’Donnell — not to mention much of the progressive blogosphere and Professional Left — call out the media for its idiocy covering the Park51 community center coverage, it’s Howard Kurtz whom some WaPo colleague decides now sounds like Howard Beale.

Does he sound like Howard Beale to you? . . .

The herd was stampeding again.

You hear their thundering hooves on cable shows and talk radio, watch the gathering dust on the blogs. They trample everything in their path. Passivity is impossible: Everyone must form an immediate opinion on the matter at hand and defend it passionately.

Howard Beale was a lonely voice in the wilderness, Howie. The raw nerve he touched in the American people had almost withered. He didn’t stuff every paragraph with stale cliches. He made every word, and every rant, count. Your late jump on the bandwagon of media criticism, WaPo mainstream pulpit or not, doesn’t entitle you to Howard Beale’s mantle.

Besides, it’s been claimed.

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge