FL Sen and Gov: Polling Shows Meek Strong on Eve of Primary; GOP Gov Nom in Flux

With the primary tomorrow, three polling firms, Mason-Dixon (PDF), Quinnipiac and PPP (PDF), are out with their final surveys of the Democratic Senate primary and the Republican gubernatorial primary in Florida. All three pollsters agree that Rep. Kendrick Meek now has at least a ten-point lead over Billionaire Jeff Greene. Meek appears to be in good shape to win the nomination tomorrow:

Mason-Dixon (PDF) (8/17-19)
Kendrick Meek 42
Jeff Greene 30
Maurice Ferre 4
Glenn Burkett 1
Undecided 23

Quinnipac (8/21-22)
Kendrick Meek 39
Maurice Ferre 3
Jeff Greene 29
Some else 2
DK/NA 28

PPP (PDF) (8/21-22)
Glenn Burkett 5
Maurice Ferre 4
Jeff Greene 27
Kendrick Meek 51
Undecided 13

In the race for the Republican nom for governor there is less agreement–the pollsters are all over the map with their numbers. Mason-Dixon has Bill McCollum with a substantial nine-point lead over Billionaire Rick Scott, Quinnipiac shows the race close, with a modest four-point lead for McCollum, and PPP has Scott with a seven-point lead:

Mason-Dixon (PDF) (8/17-19)
Bill McCollum 45
Rick Scott 36
Mike McAlister 4
Undecided 15

Quinnipac (8/21-22)
Bill McCollum 39
Rick Scott 35
Some else 4
DK/NA 22

PPP (PDF) (8/21-22)
Bill McCollum 40
Rick Scott 47
Undecided 13

It is possible that Mason-Dixon missed a late bounce for Scott because its poll was taken earlier. Quinnipiac did find Scott improving significantly from roughly a week ago when they had him was trailing McCollum by nine. Still, the three polls diverge significantly.

The GOP Gov race has been brutal, killing the favorable numbers of both McCollum and Scott. The result maybe low voter enthusiasm, and a low-turnout primary, which is harder to predict. If the race has turned off all but the most dedicated conservative primary voters, that would benefit Scott, who according to PPP, has a big lead among members of that group.

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Jon Walker

Jon Walker

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