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The (Roman Catholic) Empire Stikes Back

From the Vatican News Service, Zenit:

In response, the Conference of the Mexican Episcopate published a communiqué Tuesday, stating, “We lament that on expressing these concepts in public opinion, there are those who recriminate and threaten, warning of intolerance, when tolerance is the possibility that we all express our opinion and positions.”

They warned of slander, not intolerance

“We believe that equating these unions with the name of marriage is a lack of respect, both of the very essence of marriage between a woman and a man, expressed in Article 4 of the country's Constitution, as well as of the customs and culture itself that have governed us for centuries,” the bishops affirmed.

Do you mean the culture of the Catholic Church that was imposed upon the Aztec and Mayan peoples at swordpoint, and brought them slavery, smallpox and syphillis?

The archbishopric of Guadalajara also published a communiqué, in which it warned that the American Psychological Association has indicated that children who grow up with parents who are in a homosexual relationship have three times as much risk of suffering from depression.

Which others attribute to religiously inspired discrimination….

The Church will not roll over on this, they struck back in Ireland where they re-instated Bishops enmeshed in the paedophile scandals and they got away with their abuses in Mexico. If nothing else, they will in the end try and incite a revolution or at least an electoral overturn of the government and the Courts

They have a long track record of doing that, you see, and the legal maxim is that “past behaviour is the best predictor of future behaviour.”

Elswehere, Catholic writers and spokespeople equated the Mexican Supreme Court and the Alcalde of Mexico City to Franco and Pinochet; odd choices as it was the Roman Catholic Church who supported both and helped them into power

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