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Dem Pollsters: the Mandate is All About “Individual Responsibility”

In this post at Politico, Ben Smith (of all people) shares with us this leaked PowerPoint [PDF] which was put together by Democratic strategists on drumming up support for the Insurance Industry Monopoly Protection Act of 2010.

My "favorite" slide is the one implying that opposing the mandate is needed thanks to "those who choose not to have insurance". I mean, I guess they’re right, lots of people *choose* between spending $300 a month on a product that doesn’t guarantee coverage and food. Lots of people *choose* to work for employers who only shoulder the bare minimum of the expense of coverage, or dump their employees into HSAs which are basically small tax breaks in lieu of real coverage.

The use of the phrase "individual responsibility" is especially troubling. When did SEIU bring Frank Luntz on as an adviser? You know who thinks health care is all about "individual responsibility"? Every Republican and Libertarian ever, their children, and their children’s children.

Is this what the Democrats are reduced to? First they pen a piece of legislation based on Heritage Foundation ideas, and now they have to use Heritage Foundation phrasing to defend it from (inevitable) pushback from actual progressives. It really seems like the DNC and their allies have abandoned the working and middle class to the conservative parties, and are simply focusing all of their messaging on celebrity limo libs, seniors (who are lucky enough to have hefty nest eggs) and the upper middle class who are keeping the 70’s spirit of "what’s in it for me?" alive and well.

I hope that in addition to the "Just Say Now" campaign, someone with influence and a respected voice will consider a campaign to "Just Say No- To the Mandate".

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