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Relic Pat Boone commentary: 'The mosque at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue'

Remarkably preserved crooner Pat Boone has a commentary up at WND that boggles the mind, “The mosque at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.” You have to read this crap to believe it — it’s TEH CRAZEE from beginning to end. Now I understand just how unbalanced these “Obama is a Muslim” are despite actual facts they have to disbelieve. The aging crooner:

While the controversy still rises and rages on, around the proposed “Cordoba House” mosque and Muslim cultural center right on the edge of Ground Zero, where the World Trade Center stood till Sept. 11, 2001 – there is a world-famous building, dedicated by its current residents to similar purposes, in the middle of Washington, D.C.

We call it the White House.

…He was elected president, as we know, having promised: “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America!”

Almost immediately upon assuming the presidency, he began to make statements claiming America was no longer a Christian nation and that America might be considered a Muslim nation.

…For two years, the president has scarcely noted the National Day of Prayer nor participated in it at all. You’d think a Christian president would be motivated otherwise. Muslims and homosexual activists have been invitees at the White House more than any Christian or Jewish representatives have; odd for a Christian, isn’t it?

His evidence (not sourced, btw) that there is something evil afoot:

“Barack Hussein Obama was born to an 18-year-old Caucasian woman and a Kenyan father. Virtually all his early influences, including his biological father and his Indonesian stepfather, his mother and grandparents – were socialists, atheists, and/or Muslims.”

“He went to two schools in Indonesia as a young, impressionable boy. One was Catholic, the other Muslim. In both, he was identified as a Muslim, and in the latter he was of course indoctrinated in the Muslim faith.”

He said publicly he “still love(s) the sound of the Muslim evening call to prayer,” and could still recite the appropriate prayers.

One of his close friends took him on a prolonged visit to Pakistan during those years, and the question remains about Obama’s passport. If it was American, he would not have been allowed in Pakistan – so what was it?

This kind of lunacy is why the White House had no business even addressing the stupid poll addressing the ignorant Americans whose views match Pat Boone’s. It does not matter whether the President is Christian, Muslim, Jewish, atheist or anything else. They miss that point, but they are not in a reality-based universe to begin with.

And these claims of Obama creating a “Muslim America” because the President has spoken about Islam in a positive manner in the past are beyond absurd, given the influence of evangelicals in the political process in this country. What about the pressure of the religious right (Falwell, Dobson, Rick Warren, et. al.) that throughout the years has forced politicians to grovel and make bold claims of faith in campaigns when religion has no business in government.

Below the fold, some reactions to the column that were on my Facebook page. Hilarious.

Chuck Miller Sweet Jesus! He manages to be noteworthy even in the midst of the extremist babbling I have grown accustomed to hearing on a daily basis. This is something special. (But someone needs to check and make sure he didn't just plagiarize a Little Richard op-ed piece...)

3 hours ago · Like ·  1 person ·

Redjade InHungary a**hole.

2 hours ago · Like ·

Sue Katz I can't even bring myself to repost and inflict this garbage on others.

2 hours ago · Like ·

Chaim Yosef BenEquality Always looking for attention. I take this as serious as his bath tub commercials.

2 hours ago · Like ·

Alex Luck Not surprised at all!!

2 hours ago · Like ·

Ted Mcguire I didnt know he was still alive....

2 hours ago · Like ·  1 person ·

Maria Beardslee-Lakatos I don't think the imbecile IS still alive ~ he appears to have been embalmed in the pic. As to the senseless jibber-jabber, I will chalk it off to post-mortem senility ~

about an hour ago · Like ·  1 person ·

Alvin McEwen and I ask the question probably for the 100th time. Had Pat Boone made good with the black artists who songs he stole?

about an hour ago · Like ·  1 person ·

Renee Beauclair Twersky It's like Franklin Graham opened the floodgates.

about an hour ago · Like ·

Katrina Rose Hey Pat! How about seeing if any of the occupants of that alleged mosque need any of that fake pimple cream you were hawking back in the 1970s even while knowing that it didn't work?

51 minutes ago · Like ·

Tammy Lenz-Domike Maybe it's time to remind everyone of this (not safe for work, home, your monitor or much of anything else...)

Pat Boone's Dick In A Box? / Queerty

41 minutes ago · Like ·

Alvin McEwen the words "pat boone" and "dick" used in the same sentence wouldn't be safe in a nuclear containment unit.

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