I hope progressives will write letters-to-the-editor in the coming weeks, we all preach to the choir too much on our blogs. That’s OK to a certain extent, but as far as I know, no class war has ever been won by a choir. So I think it’s time to take our choir robes off and start kicking asses out there in America where it can make more of a difference.

No one’s angrier at Democrats than I am, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to give RePugs a free ride. They’re the ultimate cause of the multiple crises we’re facing, and the readers of America’s newspapers need to know that.

This is an LTE I just sent to my area newspaper . . .

The ugly spectacle of Teabaggers slandering the President of the United States as a Marxist should make every American hang their head in shame, but the list of outrages to be ashamed of is a long one, and it’s getting longer as every agonizing minute of this country’s death march to self-destruction drags on, with no reprieve in sight and nothing but treachery and obstructionism from Republicans.

The corporate media’s shameful demagoguery of the Islamic cultural center issue is only the latest example of the moral bankruptcy of the talking heads and editorial scribblers who aid and abet every Republican smear campaign. Republicans Swift Boated John Kerry and they’re using the same gutter tactics against every Muslim in this country, against every immigrant, every Democrat, every union member, every gay American who just wants to get married, every American who needs and deserves unemployment assistance. These Republican gutter tactics keep having the same destructive impact because too many Americans have the critical thinking skills of a tree stump and the attention span of a dead dog.

If that harsh truth offends any tree stumps or dead dogs out there, feel free to reply, the editors of this paper love to print replies to my letters from tree stumps, dead dogs, and/or Teabaggers. In the meantime, God in Heaven and all the holy angels are wondering how many times Americans are going to keep falling for the same Swift Boat smears. Republicans are doing what they always do, they’re redirecting voter anger away from corrupt corporations onto their favorite scapegoats–immigrants, minorities, unions, liberals, and those horrible Muslims plotting to behead you on your way home from the grocery store.

I have news for the halfwits among us. Muslims didn’t plunge America into the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, Republicans and their deregulation policies did that. Minorities didn’t rig the economic system so 400 families own two-thirds of the wealth in this country, Republicans and their tax cuts for the rich did that. Liberals aren’t shipping your jobs overseas, cutting your benefits, foreclosing on your homes, or targeting Social Security for elimination, Republicans and the corrupt CEO’s they pal around with are doing that.

Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it. Don’t forget what Republicans did to this country during the Bush years. Don’t ever forget. If you send more Republicans to Washington, you’ll get more of it, more outrages, more insanity, more wars, and an economic catastrophe that will shatter this country once and for all, leaving nothing behind but dust in the wind.