It’s too hot to read this release! Here, have a beer.

I’m with Ricks–always mind the Friday afternoons on hot summer days. The official memo on recommendations post-Ft. Hood have been released by the DoD. It gets into the weeds further on, but the crux of it is here:

These initiatives will significantly improve the Department’s ability to mitigate internal threats, ensure force protection, enable emergency response, and provide care for victims and families. In particular, the Department will strengthen its policies, programs, and procedures in the following areas:

  • Addressing workplace violence;
  • Ensuring commander and supervisor access to appropriate information in personnel records;
  • Improving information sharing with partner agencies and among installations;
  • Expanding installations’ emergency response capabilities;
  • Integrating force protection policy, and clarifying force protection roles and responsibilities; and
  • Ensuring that we provide top quality health care to both our service members and our healthcare providers.

Pretty broad categories. Do they address the problems and consequences revealed from the Fort Hood shooting? Or does this report serve to highlight ways in which Nidal Hasan should have been caught by the system? You decide.

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