Is Armstrong Williams in the Pay of Mexican Drug Cartels?

Armst, is that you? (photo: Fighting Tiger on Flickr)

Armstrong Williams, about whom it must always be first asked, “who purchased this new opinion of yours, Armst?”, has a new opinion about marijuana legalization in Mexico. It appears perfectly aligned with the Mexican drug cartels’ opinion of marijuana legalization. So, Armst, I gotta ask — which Mexican drug boss purchased this opinion of yours and paid you to type it up for The Hill?

Armst’s foolishness, perhaps bought and paid for with drug money from Mexico, takes him here, to a dystopia occupied by drug-“infested” illegal immigrants crossing our Southern border, oh my!

Economically, if illegal immigrants think there is an opportunity to sell drugs in the U.S. then they are going to do it. So instead of easier-to-track larger shipments, Border Patrol will be inundated with hundreds of thousands of hard-to-find, individual trackers. This will uncontrollably exacerbate our War on Drugs budget.

I don’t quite understand Mr. Calderon’s logic. He wants to legalize in order to thwart the millions cartels make annually. Doesn’t he get it? Cartel bosses are criminals! They kill their competitors! What do you think they are going to do to a mom-and-pop drug business?

What I do think they are going to do is find an easily purchased opinion and get it published in an Elite periodical like The Hill. Did drug money fuel this opinion, Armst? Can we see your checkbook *again* please?

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