Rolling Stone: "Just Say Now"

Rolling Stone has a big new article in this month’s issue about the push to legalize marijuana in California and across the country. The title of the article may sound familiar: it’s called “Just Say Now.” And our campaign gets an impressive plug:

This law-and-order approach plays well with soccer moms in Los Angeles, who often provide the swing vote in California politics. “Like most things in politics these days, it’s going to come down to the conflicted baby boomers,” says Bill Carrick, a prominent Democratic consultant based in Los Angeles. But leading Democrats are still shying away from the measure, fearing that legalization will be used against them as a wedge issue. At recent meetings, both the California Democratic Party and the California Labor Federation voted to remain neutral on Prop 19. “The Democratic point of view, which is understandable, is that we don’t want to be seen as the party of drugs and dope,” says Carrick.

In fact, advocates argue, the campaign to legalize pot could actually have the opposite effect, sparking a “burnout turnout” that will boost Democrats in November. When asked how the party can get first-time Obama voters to show up this fall, the 78-year-old chairman of the California Democratic Party, John Burton, gave a one-word answer: “Pot.” Indeed, polls indicate that legalization could lure Obama voters to the polls like no other issue. The progressive blog Firedoglake and Students for Sensible Drug Policy recently launched a “Just Say Now” campaign, both online and through college campuses, to turn out young voters.

Indeed, the Just Say Now campaign will play a significant role in legalizing marijuana over the next several years. And while our outreach is focused on organizing young voters, we’re not beholden to any party. Clear majorities support legalizing marijuana in California and other states; it will be up to politicians in both parties to catch up to where voters of all ages and parties already are with legalization.

Our campaign has more than 75,000 supporters who’ve signed our petition asking President Obama to end the war on marijuana. This is the start of something really big. If you haven’t joined, sign our petition now to end the war on marijuana. If you’ve already joined, head over to the Just Say Now store and show your support for legalizing marijuana with awesome t-shirts, stickers, and more.

Michael Whitney

Michael Whitney

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