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Late Night: Also, The Kids Today & the Dirty Music, Oy

At my own crummy Web-Site I’ve said everything I can bear to say right now about the Stupidest Phony Wingnut Tantrum Disguised as a “Controversy” Perhaps Ever, you know, that bullshit about how the Jihadist Swimming Pool of Jihad is going to pollute what people who don’t actually know anything about the place think of as American Mecca. I am of course particularly grumpy about the rather spectacular display of egregious cowardice currently being performed by Our Democratic Party Leaders, harrumphing and chicken-wing flapping about how that Thoughtful Conservative Thinker Pamela “These Silicone Mound-Machines Kill Musselmen” Geller just might have a point, after all, when you stop and wank about it.

It is a shite state of affairs altogether and I wash my hands of it.

It is in this spirit that I recommend to you this charmingly retro culture-war pearl-clutching by the always preposterous Wonder-Bready semi-professional mommy-scold Rebecca Hagelin, an old Jane Hamsher dance partner, former TBogg exhibit, and erstwhile World O’Crap objet d’shart:

Every twelve-year-old knows Rihanna. And Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. Do you?

The music industry today is huge, racking up over 1.5 billion in sales in the U.S. alone—and kids are their target audience. It’s an industry that’s no longer primarily about music. It’s become another avenue for selling porn and sexualizing younger and younger children in the process.

Now that’s rocking it old-school!

I can relate; as a parent myself, I don’t like much of what contemporary corporate culture has done to our kids, though I don’t suppose Lady Gaga is precisely the problem. This is a bit more troubling, for example, if sex & kids is the issue. But I applaud Hagelin for having the ovaries to post a virulently anti-capitalist rant at Townhall, of all places. Kudos, Comrade Mommy.

Anyway, my 10-year-old’s favorite song is tonight’s video. Kid’s got style.

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