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“Target Ain’t People” In-Store Flashmob

Target store gets taken over by a flashmob, adopting a Depeche Mode song for their rant against Target’s anti-gay, anti-worker donation to a Minnesota group supporting the GOP candidate for governor. More of this, please….

Courtesy Backbone Campaign and agit-prop

UPDATE: Target ain’t gonna "make it right."

Target Corp. has informed the Human Rights Campaign that it will not take action to “correct” its $150,000 donation to a group supporting an anti-gay candidate for governor in Minnesota, according to an HRC release tonight.

“If their initial contribution was a slap in the face, their refusal to make it right is a punch in the gut and that’s not something that we will soon forget,” said Joe Solmonese, HRC’s president.

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge