SSDP Petition Signature Kickoff: We Already Have A Winner!

Just Say Now launched the Campus Challenge yesterday, with Students For Sensible Drug Policy chapters competing to see which one can gather the most signatures for the petition asking President Obama to end the war on marijuana.  The first chapter to reach 50 signatures gets 50 Just Say Now stickers and 50 Just Say Now buttons.  The page was barely up and running when University of Cincinnati won, with 70 signatures already.

Because a couple of chapters did not appear on the list, we’re extending the contest through tomorrow:  any chapter that reaches 50 signatures gets 50 stickers and 50 buttons.  And we’ll throw in a couple of t-shirts to University of Cincinnati for being first.

We’ve also got the JSN Flickr group up, and we want everyone to post their photos of where the put their Just Say Now stickers.   Anyone can join the group and upload a photo of their stickers, and we’ll be feature them on FDL. (Katie wasn’t happy about wearing her rain jacket in the DC heat, but she took one for the team.)

You can also join the JSN Facebook page, subscribe to the JSN YouTube feed, and post diaries on FDL’s diary blog, The Seminal.  SSDP’s Jon Perri had a great post on Friday called Saving California From Gays and Pot, which was featured on the front page of FDL, the JSN news feed and also got 176 shares on Facebook — not too shabby.

And if you didn’t catch FDL’s Michael Whitney on Russian TV last night talking about the calls by Vicente Fox and Felipe Calderon to start a conversation about ending prohibition, make sure to check it out.  Michael was great, and until the young people who overwhelmingly support legalization start speaking out, things aren’t going to change.

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