RT has been doing a great job of covering the brewing international crisis in Latin America caused by antiquated US drug policy, something that our media has virtually ignored.  Last night Alyona Minkovski had FDL’s Michael Whitney on to discuss the Just Say Now campaign, following up a recent appearance by SSDP’s Executive Director Aaron Houston.

Support for ending prohibition is definitely generational — a recent Pew poll found that 58% of those 18-29 were in favor of legalization.  They also found that Independents were slightly more in favor than Democrats (though within the margin of error):

Group Yes No DK
18-29 58 39 4
30-49 42 53 5
50-64 40 49 11
65+ 22 69 8
Republican 24 71 6
Democrat 48 47 5
Independent 49 44 8

Looking at those numbers, it’s no surprise that ambitious politicans like Gary Johnson who are trying to build a national constituency are making a play for young voters by supporting legalization.

The bigger surprise, as Peter Guither says, is that the antics of Obama’s drug czar R. Gil Kerlikowske  “just keep looking more pathetic every day.”  Kerlikowske recently brushed off calls by Felipe Calderon and Vicente Fox to open the debate about legalization as a way to address the drug cartel violence that has killed 28,000 people in the past four years, saying that “drug legalization is a ‘non-starter’ in the Obama administration.”

Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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