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“99 Percent Supportive”

No, the Obama Administration is NOT 99 percent supportive of our issues, most of which happen to be the civil rights issues of the 21st century. Let’s review, shall we?

Can’t get married: The President opposes our right to marry.

Can’t have marital rights even where we can marry: The President’s Department of Justice compares our relationships to pedophilia and incest.

Can’t have access to Social Security or other federal benefits: The President’s Department of Justice defends the federal Defense of Marriage Act in court.

Can’t serve our country in the military: The President’s Department of Defense discharges loyal patriots who serve our country under Don’t-Ask-Don’t-Tell.

Can’t even continue to serve our country once we’re outed: The President refuses to issue a Stop-Loss order to end DADT discharges.

Can’t keep a job if we’re outed and the boss doesn’t like it: The President and his party in Congress won’t pass the inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

It’s good that everything else Team Obama does support constitutes 99 percent, because 99 percent is exactly how much support they can count on from the gAyTM and the GayOTV this fall.

Enjoy that 99 percent, Team Obama.

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge