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What’s Behind the Conservative Opposition to the “Ground Zero” [sic] Mosque

by Johnnie Utah

If you want to know what’s really driving all of this KEEP MOSQUES OUT OF MANHATTAN!!1!!1! craziness from the right, here you go.

BYSTANDING CONSTITUENT: He’s [President Obama] a Marxist! He’s a Muslim Marxist.

KING: He’s at least a Marxist. And he surely understands the Muslim culture.

CONSTITUENT: He surely does. That’s where he grew up with, that’s his culture.

KING: He doesn’t have an American experience. He does not have an American experience.

CONSTITUENT: He didn’t grow up in America.

KING: Mmhmm.

For Teatards like Steve King (R-IA) and these Iowa winguts, “Muslim” means foreign, un-American, other.

And not in a good way.

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