16 Aug 2010

Max Headcase

For a mercifully brief few hours, running from last night till this morning, the Outrage for Lunch Bunch were slightly distracted from the impending construction of Muhammad’s Death Tower in Lower Mordorhattan by news that fancy-pants rich college Harvard was selling off all of their investments in Israel and sinking

16 Aug 2010

Keith Olbermann: There is no 'Ground Zero Mosque; Eleveld on Obama's other mixed messaging problem

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy And from Politicususa.com, a good summary of Keith’s remarks (no transcript yet). A snippet: Olbermann described the Right’s campaign as, “Yet in a country dedicated to freedom, forces have gathered to blow out of all proportion the construction

16 Aug 2010

Foggy Bottom (of the priority list)

At the risk of tackling a topic I’ve talked about before (a couple times), something stuck out to me in the Gates-a-palooza of the last few days. From Fareed Zakaria’s Op-Ed in WaPo: Gates likes to point out that there are more musicians in U.S. military marching bands than members

16 Aug 2010

Late, Late Night FDL: Fresh Coat Of Paint

Lee Roy Parnell – Fresh Coat of Paint

16 Aug 2010

Which Party Poses the Real Risk to Social Security’s Future?


Marshall Auerback

Hint: it’s not Republicans.

Social Security remains one of the greatest achievements of the Democratic Party since its creation 75 years ago. Although Republicans have historically fulminated against the program (Ronald Reagan once likened it as something akin to “socialism”), they have actually made little headway in touching this sacred “third rail” in American politics. President Bush pushed for partial privatization of the program in 2005, but the proposal gained no policy traction (even within his own party) because Social Security continues to be hugely popular with American voters. It’s a universal program that benefits all Americans, not a government handout to a few privileged corporations.

16 Aug 2010

The Unemployables Aren’t Unemployable; Shame On You, Mainstream Media For Even Suggesting Such A Thing

The geniuses in the White House and the so-called economists are calling it “Structural Unemployment”. That’s their moniker for the record number of people (6.55 Million ) who have been unemployed for twenty-seven weeks or longer as of July, 2010,according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics. And that number doesn’t even include the number of people (8.5 Million) who have been forced to work part-time because their hours were cut or they can’t find full-time employment.

16 Aug 2010

Late Night: Pouting Baby Doesn’t Understand Why Markie H. Protects Mr. O

I was watching the television earlier today, I can’t understand why Markie H. is protecting Mr. O even when Mr. O does bad things. Mr. Cenk talked slowly for Markie H., but Markie H. still thinks the bad things that Mr. O is doing are nice things.

16 Aug 2010

DCCC’s Chair Van Hollen Won’t Commit to Protecting Social Security from Cuts/Higher Retirement Age

MSNBC host Cenk Uygur gave Chris Van Hollen, the Chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), multiple opportunities to say Democrats would not support any cuts in Social Security, including in the form of delaying the retirement age. Van Hollen carefully failed every test.

16 Aug 2010

Pakistan Flood Assistance

Pakistan is having a really rough time. Promenient NGOs have upped their concern to urgent need, citing nearly 1500 deaths and 2000 injuries, with doubtless more to come. The UN is trying desperately to intervene, trying to corral member nations into providing much-needed monies and aid to assist the thousands

16 Aug 2010

Petraeus vs. Obama? Nope, Just Part of the Plan

A very interesting interview on Russia Today with contributor Wayne Madsen about General David Petraeus supposedly going against President Obama in the troop withdrawal deadline.