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My local LGBT Film Festival happened this weekend (and the two days preceeding).  Was only able to attend two films this time due to other things going on.  Thought I made reasonably good selections, but I walked out of both after about 20 minutes.  

The first one, ostensibly a comedy, featured a M/F couple where the GF was verbally and emotionally abusive in the extreme, less a character than a caricature.  The BF enters a drag competition and enlists the aid of a drag queen who is somewhat less abusive, but who reads him up and down to teach him respect, though his blunders were just bumbling and ignorant, and not malicious.  As everything to that point was unpleasant and predictable, I exited.

Next flick started with two guys intentionally and severely judging and insulting each other at their first two meetings, only to end up hooking up, cuz, you know, they're both hawt, and that's what's important.  Bleh.

Where are the movies like “Big Eden,” “Beautiful Thing,” “I Think I Do,” “All Over the Guy,” and so on?  If there were any this year, I missed them. Did you see anything you would recommend?

Maybe I should have cross-referenced LGBT flicks that won merit awards at the SF, LA, NY, Toronto, or London Film Festivals.  My quality radar was 0 for 2 this year.  What do you do to optimize your viewing experience and valuable time at your local festival?

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