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NOM’s website just removed all my posts to their blog

Yesterday, and today, I posted about 6 comments to what people had written on NOM's blog page – one yesterday, about 5 today.  I was direct, but used no profanity nor name calling.  My original post from yesterday is still there, but all other posts have been removed. 

Those in support of NOM's position have posted some mean-spritied comments, and refer to gays using derrogatory descriptions.  Those posts are still there.  They even have three videos from Rush with his wonderful spin of how degenerate gays are.  Amazingly the number of posts on NOM's blogsite is about as sparce as the attendence at their rallies.

I created a different email address using Yahoo so my main email wouldn't get their propaganda.  All it takes is a user name and email and you can blog.  So please share an opinion at  Keep to the facts and be professional, but don't do about 4 at one visit or else they get flagged and take notice.  Have fun.


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