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The “Liberal, Rockefeller-Obama Republicans” have Hijacked the Democratic Party and Our Country

The "Liberal, Rockefeller Republicans" now Obama Republicans have hijacked the Democratic Party. We’ve been duped by Obama Republicans.

The fiscally conservative but socially liberal Rockefeller Republicans were successfully ousted from the official Republican Party by the extremist religious conservatives, beginning in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s.

The socially liberal Republicans, no longer able to control their traditional fiefdom, looked to the Democratic Party for their future. They created the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC), and under its banner began a campaign to wrest control of the Dem Party from its traditional labor union and progressive base. Commandeering their wealth and political connections, they succeeded, first with Bill Clinton’s presidency, and now with Obama’s.

The charismatic Obama, with his eloquent rhetorical skills, was the perfect “stealth candidate” for these exiled Republicans. How could a mixed Afro-American–White, once even a community organizer, possibly be just another representative of the corporatist class? After all, he said he was opposed to corporate lobbyists influencing government, opposed to the Iraq War, even dreamed of single-payer health care (although that was not “realistic” yet).

The liberal Republican DLCers who chose Obama as their candidate, were able to use the hard work and enormous energy of Democratic progressives in the newly revitalized Democratic Party (thanks to Governor Howard Dean and his activists) to elect Obama with resounding national support, curtesy of eight terrible years of George W. Bush.

Then, when Obama took office, he fired Dean and the other Democratic Party activists who had gotten him elected and relegated the Party to the hands of the cipher Kaine, who obligingly disappeared into the woodwork, taking the party’s national presence and organizational network with him.

Worse, upon his election, Obama placed all the Republican DLC corporatists in positions of power in his administration. Who needed lobbyists when the CEO’s who had been raping our economy for eight years were still calling all the shots and writing all the legislation?

We Democratic Party activists were extremely confused. How could our new FDR countenance all these corporatists in positions of control?

We blamed it on Rahm Emanuel and other “left-overs” from the Clinton administration, not wanting to believe that our ideal “change” candidate, who still mouthed all the liberal rhetoric, could really understand that his administration was being corrupted by those he had railed against during his campaign — the same interests that did so well under Bush.

But, now that the Obama administration has so publicly attacked the same progressive “retards” and “drug-addled hippies” who worked so hard to elect them, we are having a moment of stark clarity.

We must now realize that Obama and his administration panders to Republicans because that is what they are.

These liberal Obama Republicans who have now taken power and are bent on destroying the traditional Democratic Party, represent the same interests as the former Rockefeller Republicans. They eschew the racism and overt religious moralism of the right-wing religious conservatives who now dominate the official Republican Party, but they still represent and carry out the corporate interests of the Rockefellers and their class.

The Rockefeller, now Obama, Republicans, are in power. We Democrats put them there. They now control our government and our Party. We’ve been hijacked!

Now the socially liberal Republicans are busy scuttling the Democratic Party ship so that Democratic Party values – placing human needs and interests before profits – will be forever muted so corporate-driven policies can continue to loot taxpayers, rape our economy and impoverish our people.

Governor Dean, a loyal member of the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party, re-vitalized the Democratic Party as DNC chair in 2005 to 2008, only to watch Obama and his corporate friends turn it into a fund-raising appendage to the DLC while carrying out their corporate Republican agenda.

We need Governor Dean to come back and lead the charge to re-take our Party and re-make our economy and government. We need the help of those like Dennis Kucinich and Alan Grayson, and labor leaders like Richard Trumka, to build a new movement of genuine progressives to carry the banner of traditional Democratic values front and center once again.

We progressives got Governor Dean elected to the Democratic Party National Committee chair once. He and his activists transformed it and created a national majority. We can do it again. The majority of Americans will vote for jobs for human beings, not profits for banks, real health care reform, not more profits for insurance companies, and real financial regulation, not useless re-decoration, an end to imperialist wars and war crimes. They have voted for these things. They voted for Obama mistakenly believing that he represented those values. He does not. He is a Rockefeller Republican who puts corporate profits before improving people’s lives.

Time to kick out the Rockefeller Republicans from power and restore real Democrats to office in both the Democratic Party and the nation. We must make people, not profits, our number one priority: throw the pirates out!

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