Michelle Malkin To Get Nu-Manzanar Inspired Lady Wood

Remember when WWII (The Big One…The War To End All Wars… Greatest Generation Is Go!) broke out and we locked up all of those Japanese people who snuck into America by jumping the fence in the Bering Strait? And then we had to  send them all home on that homosexual airplane Enola Gay because everyone knows they can’t drive?

That was awesome.

Well, good old commonsense conservative values like that are in play once again, America, as Florida GOP state house candidate Marg Baker told a bunch of old people in Florida who were there and they totally remember how it went down:

We can follow what happened back in the 40s or 50s. I was just a little girl in Miami, and they built camps for the people that snuck into the country, because they were illegal. They put them in the camps, and they shipped them back. We can do that.

Yes, we can!

This proposal has been met with great approval from Michelle Malkin as you can see from the time-lapse photos below of Michelle achieving great sexual satisfaction at the idea of Mexicans behind bars:
Rounding up Mexicans? Fer reals?
God, I am so hard right now.
Oh yeah. That's it. Right there...
Oh... Sweet... Jesus! And not the Mexican pronounced one...
O face.
Cigarette, sailor?

Oh course, this all happened before that comedy lady kicked her in the nuts.

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