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Manchurian Babies Attack!

All indications that the campaign to take over America is on, and there is nothing too stupid for the right to use in driving its voters over the cliff. Now it’s the accusation that terrorist babies are being bred for the U.S. maternity market.

Put that jacket with the wrap-around arms back down. There are candidates that crazy out here in flyover country. It’s not just that citizenship in the country taken over in the 1600’s by northern Europeans can be recklessly offered to babies whose parents arrived later than then. It’s that we could have a production line impregnating wannabe terrorist mothers and dumping them on our doorsteps, according to the wingnuts seeking office in the Loan Star State.

Riddle warns of an elaborate terrorist plot to have foreign mothers give birth to babies in the United States, who will then be trained to destroy America once they come of age. In her animated appearance on CNN, Riddle defends the baby conspiracy plot despite admitting she "doesn’t have the hard evidence on hand."

A few choice exchanges between Cooper and Riddle:

Cooper: But you have no actual evidence.

Riddle: Other than former FBI folks.

Cooper: Can you tell us who these former FBI folks are, what evidence they have or what evidence they’ve shown you?

Riddle: At this point I’m not going to reveal that.

Cooper: You say some former FBI agents have talked to your office. Have they given your office some facts or actual proof?

Riddle: That information we are still gathering.

Gathering proof shows that there isn’t anything too daft for the conspiracy theorists digging hard for votes to dream up. A secret agent told me; I can tell he’s a secret agent because he’s dressed to look like one of us. These fiends among us will stoop to anything.

You know those wily terrorists are even stepping on cracks in the sidewalk, (step on a crack, break your mother’s back), showing their extreme malevolence against mothers, and probably apple pie too. Maybe I should run for crossing guard, so that I can stop the dreadful violence against mothers.

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Ruth Calvo

Ruth Calvo

I've blogged at The Seminal for about two years, was at cabdrollery for around three. I live in N.TX., worked for Sen.Yarborough of TX after graduation from Wellesley, went on to receive award in playwriting, served on MD Arts Council after award, then managed a few campaigns in MD and served as assistant to a member of the MD House for several years, have worked in legal offices and written for magazines, now am retired but addicted to politics, and join gladly in promoting liberals and liberal policies.