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Kathleen Parker: Why Can’t Michelle Obama Be More Like George W. Bush?

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Here’s the Pulitzer Prize winner, explaining why the First Lady’s vacation in Spain is so tasteless and unBush-like.

Whatever else one thinks of Bush, he did have a sense of propriety in matters recreational, perhaps in part attributable to his life of privilege and attendant guilt. He gave up golf after invading Iraq because he felt it would look bad to be perfecting his swing while those he had consigned to battle were losing their limbs. A token, perhaps, but a gesture nonetheless.

Perception is everything in politics. And though Mrs. Obama essentially caught some of August’s free-ranging flak, she also chose unwisely.

Uh, Commander Guy absolutely did not give up golf “after invading Iraq.” Will the WaPo issue a correction?

And as for his “sense of propriety in matters recreational”–this is a president who presided over two recessions, the worst foreign attack on US soil in our history, the worst financial crash since the 1930s, and two wars—all topped off by Katrina—and still managed to take more vacation time than any other president in modern history.

Way to go, Pulitzer committee!

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