The Seminal is a project near and dear to my heart. I started it with Lance Steagall, Alex Thurston and Vassar Oenbring while I was still in school, six years ago. It’s grown from a small underground printed newspaper about Chicago hip hop to a music promotion company to a nationally known political blog and now to a vibrant community in the Firedoglake universe. Over the year we’ve officially been part of Firedoglake, I’ve enjoyed writing here, reading what you have to say, and engaging in some great discussions along the way. Blogging is the foundation of my political activism, and so it’s with a heavy heart that I have to say farewell today.

I’ve taken a new job at the Progressive Change Campaign Committee. I’m working closely with progressive candidates, and the PCCC is a federal PAC like the one Firedoglake operates. All this means I will no longer be able to write for The Seminal as an independent voice while I’m employed in this capacity.

The rest of our authors here are, naturally, continuing on with their writing. And we’ve brought in Rayne, a longtime Firedoglake hand, to be the chief editor here along with Bill, Ruth and Jim.

I will still be an avid reader of what you all write, and I’m sure I’ll be engaging in discussion as well. And I may get the chance to blog here in the future as an official PCCC spokesperson, letting you know about the great things we’re doing.

Thank you for the last year, and keep up the great work fighting for progressive change. We have a long road ahead of us. I’m sure I’ll be in touch.

Jason Rosenbaum

Jason Rosenbaum

Writer, musician, activist. Currently consulting for Bill Halter for U.S. Senate and a fellow at the New Organizing Institute.