[This is the second installment of “No Politician Left Behind (NPLP),” a weekly letter and suggested reading list I will email to a targeted congressperson’s staff. My target for this week is Senator John McCain (Republican-AZ). I don’t expect McCain’s staff to care too much about my letter and suggested readings, of course. But, for a few moments, “NPLP” might distract them from cutting and pasting their lame form responses (rejection slips) which fail to answer any serious question raised by constituents.

I hope some of you will post other essential readings and links each week in the comment boxes, so I can tag them onto a compiled list and ship it Washington-bound.]


("McCain’s Phoenix, AZ Mansion" by Brave New Films, via Flickr, free to share with attribution)

Dear Senator McCain:

In these psychopathic times, with people now suffering through this oligarchy’s negligence, denials, and total antisocial disregard for human life and our only planet, I have decided to write to you, Senator McCain, to give my half-a-Lincoln’s worth of a few suggestions.

Firstly, you need to take a long hard stare at what is going on in your own state. The Southern Poverty Law Center reports that National Socialist Movement members, armed with semi-automatic rifles at the Arizona border, are hunting down “presumed” illegals and helping detain them in privatized prisons. Mind you, these are neo-Nazi-Hitler-idolizing-white-supremacists, not good old fashion American Socialists like Robert Owen and Eugene V. Debs, or even the bugbear Socialists the Republican Party ridiculously invents, distorts, and pipes through the corporate media channels to bejesus-scare the American people. Is Arizona becoming so far-right that it has fallen off the “flat” world? Isn’t it about time we stop talking about giving “anchor babies” their crawling papers and start voting for Washington politicians to grab their documents and get out of Dodge?

Although the stimulus did not pump out the many and much needed jobs, your criticism— in the Summertime Blues Report —doesn’t mention how neurological research on cocaine-monkeys benefits many. Except for the safe use of marijuana—which does not make a person lose platelets and piss blood the way too much Anheuser-Busch and bourbon does—addiction of all fonts can destroy families, as you know. Not only are these stimulus-funded neuroscientists attempting to help cocaine addicts, but by studying the brain’s cortico-basal ganglia reward system/abnormalities, they are advancing the understanding of the dopaminergic and serotonergic pathways which play a role in OCD, Tourette syndrome, alcohol addiction, and Parkinson’s. As Doctor Coburn should be smart enough to know, this could lead to cures for many disorders, including the gambling and money-addiction afflicting the crooks on Wall Street, in corporations, and in our own government. One could rightfully argue that it is inhumane to use monkeys since they lack understanding and therefore free choice in these trails, but I don’t believe that was your message.

The plan you and Doctor Coburn should be legitimately criticizing is the USAID’s financing of millions of dollars to train Sri Lanka students in the English language so that U.S. companies can hire them to do IT jobs for pennies. Besides despicably buying “slave labor” and proving that Washington doesn’t care about creating jobs for Americans, this action reeks of the English Only movement’s resurgence in this country, now that the Inhofe-Coburn English Language Unity Act of 2009 is in the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. I would think wisely before I cave in to the likes of Larry Pratt, founder of English First who supports discriminatory laws and speaks at neo-Nazi and Christian Identity gatherings, as James Crawford from the Institute for Language and Education Policy has noted. Anti-Spanish (or French, for that matter) language laws or attempts advise our children that it is un-American to study a foreign language, even as neuroscientists, teachers, and scholars have begged for such learning for years as a means to enhance the growth, exercising, and connection of neurons. Then why, Mr. McCain, are teachers with foreign accents being removed from classrooms in Arizona? What type of hatred does this send to our youth? Instead of teaching English to IT workers in Sri Lanka and displaying this dangerous “alphabet-arrogance,” our government should be promoting second language learning in kindergarten and training people to intercept foreign language messages from would-be terrorists, since at least 56 Arabic language translators have been fired from the armed forces for being gay.

I’m not a big fan of letting killers and psychopaths go free, but I’m sure you’ve seen a few criminals go Geithner-free in your time. So, regardless of what both of us think about Dr. Henry C. Lee’s role in acquitting O.J. Simpson, the forensic scientist does donate much of his high-profile case profits to charity. Knowing that one can only be in one place at a time, Lee lives in one house. I’m sure a few homeless families living under overpasses near your six, seven, or eight empty houses could use a nice bed tonight. How about it, Senator?

And one more word of advice: if you are heading in the near future to Timothy McVeigh’s once-beloved Kingman, Arizona, don’t forget to take off your hat. I hear wearing hats is illegal in the county building there these days.

Further Suggested Readings:

Martha Rosenberg: “Pfizer: The Drug Giant That Makes Bank from Drugs That Can Kill You.”

Henry Giroux, Grace Pollock: “How Disney Magic and the Corporate Media Shape Youth Identity in the Digital Age.”

Environmental News Service: “Water Scarcity Facing 1/3 of US Counties.”

Doug Martin

Doug Martin

Doug Martin is a Walt Whitman scholar, poet, fiction writer, editor, musician (the Delicious Militia), and teacher.