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Late Night: Greetings From The Professional Left

Always trying to move hippies to the right... (photo: Neubie on Flickr)

Hi, I’m Ed, and I’m a professional leftist. Here’s my message to you, President Obama, and your spokesman, Robert Gibbs.

I’m big on baby aspirin and some eye-drops for a vision issue. That’s about it for drugs. Oh, and caffeine and ibuprofen. I admit to being both a professional writer and a leftist. I don’t get paid for either.

That may be why reading Robert Gibbs’ views of me and my writing is so aggravating. You and he and your Senior Administration Officials don’t have any idea who I am, or who my colleagues are. That’s because you make no effort to find out. We have readers, Mr. President, hundreds of thousands of readers. That doesn’t happen just because we are professionals, but because people want to know what we think. You don’t.

I have a set of principles about the way society should function. I write about those too, and name people whose ideas motivate me, including Albert Camus, Richard Rorty, Hannah Arendt, and John Rawls. You have never done that, and it makes me think you have no principles.

I don’t insult people who disagree with me. You do, and so do your Senior Administration Officials.

In my first post on this site, I argued that we should demand that you pursue accountability for specific acts of the prior administration. You preferred to court the Party of Bad Faith rather than condemn its violations of our criminal laws.

Where is the accountability for the people who wrecked the economy? No bankers were fired, Larry Summers and Timothy Geithner and Ben Bernanke screwed up and got promoted, Robert Rubin led the deregulation craze and you listen to him and his protégés.

If you click my name, you can read in detail why I think you have failed the left and the country, in detail, with facts and reasoning on full display. It’s a lot easier to punch the air where a dirty hippie might be than to deal with my views, let alone those of my colleagues.

You think I should be a cheerleader for you? Why?

Ed Walker

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