Georgia, Connecticut, Colorado and Minnesota Primary Results – Liveblogs

We have primaries taking place in three states Colorado, Connecticut, and Minnesota. There is also a primary runoff taking place in Georgia. There is important top ticket races happening in all four states tonight. For information about all the races to watch tonight click here.

Polls close at (Eastern):
Georgia 7pm
Connecticut 8pm
Colorado 9pm
Minnesota 9pm

You can find results at Politico, Georgia Secretary of State,

7:00pm – Polls are now closed in Georgia.

7:25pm – First taste of results in Georgia Governor’s Republican primary runoff. with 0.5% reporting Karen Handel leads 53.4% to Nathan Deal 46.6%.

7:35pm – The SOS has 9% reporting. Handel is leading 52.5% to Deal 47.5%

7:50pm – With 15% reporting Handel 51.3 – Deal 48.7. The race is remaining remarkably close. In the 9th district GOP primary with 21% reporting, incumbent Tom Graves looks like he will finally win the last of his never ending elections against Lee Hawkins. Graves 56.8 – Hawkins 43.2

8:00pm – things are really close in the Goergia GOP gov primary. Deal has taken a few hundred vote lead with 20% reporting. Deal 50.6 – Handel 49.4. As expected in the GOP 12th district, Raymond Mckinney has a good lead with 26% reporting. Raymond 57.9 – Carl Smith 42.1.

Polls are also now closed in Connecticut.

8:12pm – Deal seems to be pulling away. Deal 52 – Handel 48. Elsewhere in the state with 17% reporting in the 7th district GOP primary as expect first round winner Rob Woodall has a large lead over Jody Hice. Woodall 59.7 – Hice 40.3

8:30pm – In Connecticut we are getting the first taste of some numbers. with5% reporting in the governor primaries on the Dem side Dan Malloy leads Ned Lamont 56.7-43.3. On the Republican side Tom Foley has 46.5, Michael Fedelr 34.5, and Oz Griebel 19.

8:44pm – In Georgia Deal is holding on to his small lead. With 55% reporting Deal 51- Handel 49.

8:50pm – Not looking good for Lamont. Dan Malloy 57.2 – Ned Lamont 42.8 in Democratic primary for governor. On the GOP side Tom Foley holding strong as well 45.8 – Fedele 34.7.

9:00pm – Polls are now close in Colorado and Minnesota. All polls are now close tonight.

9:07pm – Incumbent Tom Graves has been declared the winner in the Georgia 9th district GOP primary. Having worked for campaigns I can’t imagine what it had been like facing 4 races against Hawkin in the last few months. That must be one tired staff.

9:10pm – Ray McKinney was declared the winner in the GA GOP 12th runoff. He will go on to face incumbent Dem John Barrow in the general.

9:14pm – First numbers from Colorado are coming in. For Senate with 14.4% reporting Andrew Romanoff 51 – Michael Bennet 49. Looks like it will be a close one. On the GOP side with 9.7% reporting Jane Norton 57.7 – Ken Buck 42.3.

9:20pm – Numbers of just flying in from Colorado. With 47.5% reporting Michael Bennet now leads 53.2 – Romanoff 46.8. On the GOP side with 42.8% reporting Norton holds a narrow lead 51.4 – Buck 48.6.

9:23pm – In fun action is on CO GOP governor primary. The voters are choosing between Scott McInnis who plagiarized work he was paid hundreds of thousand to do or right wing crazy Dan Maes who thinks pro bike policies are part of a UN take over of Denver. The Republican primary voters are so far choosing the conspiracy theorist. With 43.7% reporting Maes 52 – McInnis 48.

9:30pm – Things are still very close in GA Gov runoff. Deal’s lead is just over 10,000. Deal 51.1 – Handel 48.9.

9:35pm – As expect things are pretty interesting in the CT GOP 5th district. It is a pretty solid three way split so far with 31.1% reporting. Sam Caligiuri 36.5 – Justin Bernier 32 – Mark Greenberg 31.5.

9:36pm – Zero surprise here. Tom Emmer has been declared the winner of the Minnesota GOP primary for governor. He effectively won this at the state convention.

9:40pm – An important call in Connecticut. Dan Malloy was declared the winner of the Dem governor primary against Ned Lamont. Malloy late surge was very impressive.

9:44pm – Rob Woodall has been declared winner in GA GOP 7th district primary.  Woodall is almost guaranteed to win the general in this very red district. Welcome to Congress Woodall.

9:51pm – Linda McMahon will officially be the Republican party’s candidate for Senate in Connecticut. Simmons on again off again campaign strategy did not pan out. Interesting with huge campaign spending she only got roughly half of the primary vote.

10:oopm – Please keep following on part two of the liveblog for tonight.

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