Georgia, Connecticut, Colorado and Minnesota Primary Results – Liveblog Part 2

[Update – Michael Bennet just beat Andrew Romanoff and has been declared the winner of the Democratic primary for the US Senate race in Colorado.]

The important election news so far tonight. Linda McMahon won the GOP primary for US Senate in Connecticut. Also in Connecticut, Dan Malloy beat Ned Lamont in the Democratic primary for governor.You can find part one of the liveblog here and a description of the important races to watch tonight here.

You can find results at Politico or the Georgia Secretary of State.

The GOP governor race in Georgia, the GOP governor race in Colorado, and the GOP Senate primary in Colorado are all extremely close at this point.

10:07 pm РIn Dem Senate primary incumbent Michael Bennet is looking strong with 63.6% reporting Bennet 54.4 РAndrew Romanoff 45.6. The Republican primary  is a lot closer but tea party backed Buck is looking good. Buck 51.6 РJane Norton 48.4. In the GOP governor primary things are extremely close. Dan Maes 50.4 РScott McInnis 49.6.

Democratic governor candidate John Hickenlooper is one lucky man. He will likely face not one but two extreme right wing candidates in the general. Tom Tancredo is running on the American Constitution Party ticket.

10:13pm – Michael Bennet just beat Andrew Romanoff and has been declared the winner of the Democratic primary for the US Senate race in Colorado. Bennet preformed better than almost all polling indicated. He is currently beating Romanoff with 63.9% reporting by roughly 9 points.

10:22pm – We have a potential upset in the making in Minnesota. With 25.3% reporting in the DFL primary for governor Margaret Kelliher 45.3 – Mark Dayton 36.8. Polling from right before the election had Dayton with a large lead.

10:25pm – Sam Caligiuri has been declared the winner of the GOP primary in CT 5th district. He will go on to face incumbent Chris Murphy in the general.

10:30pm – Wow things are close in Georgia GOP governor primary. It looks like we could be heading to a long recount. With 98.7% Nathan Deal 50.3 – Karen Handel 49.7. Just over 3000 votes separate the two.

10:42pm – In CO GOP governor primary the race is extremely close with 71.5% reporting. Dan Maes 50.2 – Scott McInnis 49.9. Less than a 1,000 votes separate the two. It is possible that GOP nightmare might end up requiring a recount. No candidate deserves to be as lucky as Democrat John Hickenlooper.

10:48pm – In Connecticut Tom Foley has just been declared the winner in the Republican primary for governor. He will face Democrat Dan Malloy in the general.

10:52pm – Ryan Frazier has won the Republican primary in Colorado’s 7th district by a 2:1 margin over Lang Sias. He will get to challenge Ed Perlmutter in the general.

11:00pm – Things are moving slightly in Dayton direction in Minnesota with 47.2% reporting. Kelliher 42.8 – Dayton 38.5.

11:09pm – They are showing 100% reporting in Georgia. Deal 291,713 – Handel 289,353. 2360 votes separate the two. I smell a recount!

11:24pm – Slowly but surely things are tightening in Minnesota. With 59.4% reporting it is now Kelliher 42 – Mark Dayton 39.3.

11:34pm – Score one for the tea party and Freedomworks. Ken Buck has just been declared the winner in Colorado’s Republican primary for Senate. He will face Micheal Bennet in the general. This is a lose for the Chamber of Commerce and the Republican establishment who back Jane Norton.

This should help Democrats push the narrative of hard right tea party take over of the GOP. Republicans now have three insurgent conservative candidates running in big important Senate races.

11:40pm – The two big races we are still waiting on are the Dem primary for governor in Minnesota and the Republican primary for governor in Colorado.

11:56pm – Things are getting pretty close in Minnesota. Kelliher 41.1 – Dayton 40 with 78.2% reporting.

12:12am – Results are coming in very slowly now. With 83% reporting it is Kelliher 40.9 – Dayton 40.2.

12:20am – The numbers are coming in extremely slowing from Colorado and it is still extremely close in the Republican governor primary. With 78.2% reporting it is Dan Maes 50.3 – Scott McInnis 49.7.

12:30am – It looks like Mark Dayton might actually barely pull this off. With 87.2% reporting it is Kelliher 40.6 – Dayton 40.4.

12:51am – With 90.1% Kelliher lead is down to only a few hundred vote lead. I smell another runoff as a result of tonight!

12:53am – With 91.1% reporting Mark Dayton has taken the lead for the first time. It is less than 300 votes but will likely grow.

12:59am – Scott Tipton has been declared the winner of the Republican primary in CO 3rd district.

1:12am – Things are really moving in Dayton’s direction. With 93.7% reporting it is Dayton 40.8 – Kelliher 40.3.

1:20am – It is late so I’m going to head to bed.¬† The news in Minnesota is that Dayton is finishing real strong. He is now leading 41 – 40.1 with 94.7% reporting.

In Colorado Dan Maes has manage to hold until his small lead and it looks like from remaining places yet to report he will. Currently with 90.4% reporting it is Dan Maes 50.5 – Scott McInnis 49.5.

8:15am – Quick round up. Dan Maes (the UN is using bike paths to take over America) won the Republican primary in Colorado for governor. In Minnesota Mark Dayton won the DFL primary for governor.

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