10 Aug 2010

Thank goodness the fiery crash drowned out that annoying screaming

Deep Thoughts from RightWing News’ John Hawkins Compared to two wetsuits, a dildo, a strong rope and a stout overhead beam, it is…

10 Aug 2010

NC: PHB exclusive video of NOM's Brian Brown at Raleigh rally – plus I am mistaken for a fundie (!)

My high-quality vid is still uploading, but I have this lower-res version for those excited to see the flopsweat on Brian Brown’s brow ASAP. So the background first — I did this on my lunch hour (kind of a long lunch since it takes about a 1/2 hour to get

10 Aug 2010

Georgia, Connecticut, Colorado and Minnesota Primary Results – Liveblog Part 2

[Update – Michael Bennet just beat Andrew Romanoff and has been declared the winner of the Democratic primary for the US Senate race in Colorado.] The important election news so far tonight. Linda McMahon won the GOP primary for US Senate in Connecticut. Also in Connecticut, Dan Malloy beat Ned

10 Aug 2010

Are There No Simulation Models Out There?

Dean Baker had an interesting post in HuffPo on August 2nd on the Alan Blinder/Mark Zandi study. It’s the best take on it I’ve seen thus far. He says:

“. . . A new study by Princeton University Professor Alan Blinder and Mark Zandi, the chief economist at Moody’s Analytics, examined the impact of the TARP and the related Fed and FDIC bailout programs. The study found that without the bailout, GDP would have declined by another 6.5 percent and the economy would have lost another 8.5 million jobs. In other words, things might be bad now, but if we didn’t shovel trillions in loans and loan guarantees to Goldman Sachs and the rest of the Wall Street gang, they would be even worse.

10 Aug 2010

Summer Murder Music Update

“Murder Music” is a peculiar kind of Jamaican music, reggae dancehall music, some of which calls for LGBT people to be killed. Mark Myrie, aka “Buju Banton,” is one of the prominent murder music artistes. He is currently in U.S. federal custody awaiting trial on conspiracy drug charges. His trial

10 Aug 2010

Google And Verizon Have A Cunning Plan For Fun And Profit

Now how do they expect us to believe that giving Youtube the fast lane, would not affect any of youtube competitors? Indeed, the Google/Verizon Policty document is hogwash.

10 Aug 2010

Congress Should Consider Legalizing Marijuana

The federal government should end prosecuting individuals in states which allow licensed physicians to prescribe marijuana for their patients under state law.

10 Aug 2010

Late Night: Greetings From The Professional Left

Punch a dirty hippie for Obama.