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NC: NOM's Summer of Marriage Bigotry bus sputters into Raleigh tomorrow

Yes, we’re hoping to continue the stretch of  #NOMturnoutFAIL for the  National Organization For Marriage’s “Summer for Marriage” Tour as it sputters into North Carolina on Tuesday. There are a few organizations/groups planning to show up tomorrow to face NOM in a polite non-confrontational manner. Since NOM is trying to play the victim these days, the key has been to make our point about equality and let their poor turnout numbers speak for themselves, particularly in the wake of the Prop 8 ruling. The GOP is doing its best to run away from the issue, given the piss-poor case Maggie’s side put up.  

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Your blogmistress will be there to capture photos and video of the event for you. Matt Comer of QNotes has the scoop:

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM), which has played instrumental roles in several anti-gay initiatives, plans to hold a rally at the State Capitol at noon on Tuesday, Aug. 10. Pro-equality groups Freedom to Marry and the Courage Campaign have been tracking the anti-gay “Summer for Marriage” tour since it began in Augusta, Maine, on July 14. Most stops on NOM’s tour have drawn little support and overwhelming pro-LGBT protesters.

Grassroots activists have planned several actions around the same time on Tuesday, according to four Facebook event postings. They include three protests and an Interfaith Prayer Day. One of the protests, organized by the Triangle Atheist, Agnostic, Freethinker, and Humanist Meetup and Triangle Freethought Society, promises to “greet [NOM] peacefully with a strong show of solidarity in support of marriage equality.”

In addition, statewide LGBT advocacy group Equality North Carolina plans on having “truth squads” present to speak to media and counter the often false assertions of NOM organizers.

…Equality North Carolina executive director Ian Palmquist has previously noted any counter-events would be “North Carolina-led.” He’s said such locally-planned and -led events will work best for North Carolina’s interests. For the past seven years, North Carolina’s state legislature has declined to debate a state constitutional amendment on marriage.

And remember, if you want to stick it to NOM from afar, click here to vote for Pam and Kate for the “Couple’s Best.. story of how you met” contest.

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