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Dissecting The Veteran Chaplains “Speak Up” Campaign Against Repeal

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The group Speak Up is a ministry of the Alliance Defense Fund and has put out this video by veteran chaplains assailing against repeal. After the video I review just a couple of their statements and see how they live up to reality.
“Forced to abandon my religious beliefs” – This statement among other nose punchers are tossed around in this video so frequently it is sickening. I ask what about the many faiths that feel discrimination such as that imposed by “don't ask,  don't tell” is wrong? Are not their religious liberties being trampled by the policy remaining in place?
“Assault on religious freedom” – Just as the above statement clearly states, they throw these key phrases around in away that mobilizes their members. Much like the lies of gays recruiting in the schools is used when discussing issues in the more civic sphere, these phrases do well in raising eyebrows of the religious right.
“Pulverizing… values that have lead to Americas critical success” – What values are being “pulverized” by removing discrimination in our governmental branches? The same values that were pulverized when the military was desegregated? The same values that were pulverized when woman were allowed to serve the nation in uniform?
“Forcing someone else's values and their morality on general populace” – This statement is so idiotic when it is vocalized I have a hard time believing that they even believe this nonsense. Simply put, they are stating that they are inferior to me in that they can force their values and morality meter on me and the rest of the LGBT community, but somehow by lifting this hand of moral superiority we are then forcing ours on them. It is not a matter of assimilating the christian right into our pursuit of Saddam and Gomorra! I didn't even consider sending an invitation! So quit thinking I would!
“If a chaplain is asked to teach sensitivity training… they cannot do that, thats who they are” – This one is easy to strike down as I have written about it recently.

The argument that Chaplains will be required to choose between “following god, or following man,” is countered with Chapter 3-2 Article b. (6):
Chaplains will not be required to perform a religious role (such as offering a prayer, reading, dedication, or blessing) in worship services, command ceremonies, or other events, if doing so would be in variance with the tenets or practices of their faith. Chaplains will make every effort to provide for required ministrations which they cannot personally perform.

Attack on the moral fiber of this country.” – I don't have much to say on this one, it just pissed me off. To actually believe that America somehow has had a great moral fiber is not only crazy, but stupid and ignorant (just to name a few).
I will conclude with a part of a previous post on this topic because I think it truly sheds light on the issue of chaplains. This is what a chaplain is and if they are not like this they are not “christ-like” in my opinion and have no place in the militaries chaplaincy.

When I spoke to my Chaplain, I explained everything. How I was gay, how I had a child substance abuse issue that was resurfacing, and all the negative energy that was flooding my life at that time. My Chaplain is a southern baptist, and he obviously (being southern baptist) opposes this ideologically. You know what he did? My Chaplain set up the appointments for me to speak with a behavioral health professional. He reassured me that everything was going to be fine, and that he was going to pray for me. He asked me if that was okay, and I said yes. He put his hand on my shoulder and began to pray.
This same chaplain still treats me with dignity, and never once spoke about this, he kept our conversation confidential. This chaplain is a wonderful man, and is a prime example of the role of a chaplain. He sets the standards and should be followed by the rest of the chaplains.

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Eric Williams