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The AFA and FRC Are Banging Their Drums Regarding ENDA And Trans People

Beat drum.

Fear-monger some more about teh evil transgender people, trying to drive a wedge between subcommunities of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people again. Y’know, just like the wedge Democratic congressmembers did within the LGBT community with the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) legislation circa 2007/2008.

Bang-bang-bang-bang! goes the religious right drums!

Well, the American Family Association’s (AFA’s) “news” division — OneNewsNow — is beating the anti-LGB-and-especially-T drum again with their piece Anti-Employer ENDA Still Alive And Kicking:

A Washington, DC-based pro-family group is voicing its concern about a continued push by liberals in Congress to give homosexuals a special status in employment discrimination laws.

Oh. That group would be the Family Research Council (FRC)! What does their senior fellow for policy studies, Peter Sprigg, have to say?

“[ENDA] interferes with the freedom of an employer to make their own decisions about what the standards for employment should be,” Sprigg explains. “It could mandate the employment of homosexuals and transgendered people in occupations that many people would consider inappropriate, such as working with small children or as teachers.”

Why is ENDA so bad, OneNewsNow/American Family association “reporter” Russ Jones?

Under ENDA, the federal government theoretically could punish a business or church with litigation for opting not to hire a homosexual applicant or someone choosing to deny their God-given gender.

Egads! Those evil teh homosexuals and evil transgendereds!

Trans folk are especially evil, don’ cha know! Tell us about that Peter!

“The gender-identity part in particular really eliminates the right of employers to set dress and grooming standards for their employees,” says the FRC fellow, “because the most fundamental dress and grooming standard is that you dress in the way that’s culturally appropriate for your biological sex.”

My gawd, that’s horrid!

Or is it. We’ll just ignore all those Biblical scriptures that indicate gender variance is accepted by their God, and substitute what those in religious right organizational leadership believe about trans people.

And too, gawd forbid we have separation of church and state.

And by the way, what does the religious right know about the imminent passage of ENDA that we in the LGBT community don’t know? If they all have information on when we’re going to see votes on ENDA in the House and Senate, I’d appreciate them filling us LGBT community members in.

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