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Late Night: Jane Hamsher on Obama’s Boys’ Club That Won’t Listen to Women Who Were Right founder Jane Hamsher appeared on MSNBC this afternoon with host Cenk Uygur.   The topic for discussion was the evolving story that Christina Romer’s resignation as head of President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers is symptomatic of a larger problem of women not being treated equally within the Obama administration.  Hamsher describes how, especially within the White House economic team, women who were right about the economic meltdown are ignored in favor of the men on the team who were “aggressively wrong” in making both the decisions that led to the disaster as well as current decisions that are not improving the situation sufficiently.  Romer joins a list that also includes Sheila Bair,  Elizabeth Warren and Brooksley Born among the women who were right about root causes of the disaster but were ignored.  However, Hamsher rightly points out that Joe Stiglitz and Paul Volcker also were right and ignored, so Obama’s team didn’t ignore only women who were right.  Instead, Hamsher notes “They don’t want to listen to people who could be giving them good advice, period.”

Hamsher also points out that overall, Obama has made strides for women in appointing two females to the Supreme Court and naming Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.  However, she points out these three women operate largely outside the Boys’ Club that runs the White House.

So much for the team of rivals.

And Dawn Johnsen.  Also.

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