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The Coalition of Progressive Voters, the non-party political party

Ok, here is a thought experiment: A national coalition of local and state boards, comprised of voters who agree with a short list of progressive principles. The purpose of these boards would be to review and interview candidates for elected office and issue a rating — A+ through F- perhaps — based on the candidate’s PROVEN track record on progressive issues. Democrats, Republicans, third party and independents; city council, county commissioner, governor, superintendant of schools, president. Any party, any race. Let’s call this organization the Coalition of Progressive Voters.

Candidates who receive a sufficiently high rating would receive support from the CPV in the form of money, volunteers and other resources, in the same way that political parties support candidates. However, it would not be a party, in that candidates would not run under their banner. Maybe a hybrid of party and political action committee: much more visible in its support than a PAC but without the priviledges (and restrictions) of a party.

What kind of principles would you want such an organization to endorse? They should be simple and concise, similar to the Ten Principles of the Green Party, and able to fit on a single panel of a brochure or even a quarter-page post card.

I think something like this might be the best solution to the entrenched Two Party system we have here in the United States. Instead of trying to create a viable, national third party, can we instead create a viable, national movement separate from the party structure? And is this something that you would be willing to support with your participation and resources?

This idea is still pretty nebulous, and I would value any and all input.

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Gregory Gadow

Gregory Gadow