Tennessee Primary Results – Liveblog

Most of the action in this unusual Thursday primary in Tennessee is on the Republicans side. You normally see more primary action on the side that is expect to make the most gains in the upcoming election. The big race tonight is the Republican primary for governor and there are several important Republican congressional primaries. Here is a primer about the races to watch this evening.

You can get live results at Politico or the Tennessee Department of State.

8:00pm – Polls are now closed throughout the state.

8:22pm – With .2% reporting but what I think is a lot of early ballots, Bill Haslam has taken a big 51% lead. Ron Ramsey 29.3% – Zach Wamp 21.8% and sadly for Steve Colbert, Basil Marceaux is down at just 0.3%

8:54pm – That was quick the AP just called the GOP Governor primary for Bill Haslam. At this point he has 51.8% of the vote. So far this cycle it has been good for outsider self-funded candidates and a poor year for Congress members seeking higher office. Rep. Zach Wamp is at this point losing almost 2:1.

9:00pm – This a very close in the GOP 3rd primary. With 14.3% reporting Robin Smith is at 29.2 compared to Chuck Fleischmann at 28.1.

9:20pm – The 3rd is really close 40% reporting it is Smith 29.8 – Feischmann 29.0 Less than 500 votes separate them at this point.

9:38pm – The 6th is very close on both sides with 25.9%. On the Republican side it is Jim Tracy 31.3- Lou Ann Zelenik 30.9 Diane Black 29.7. On the Democratic side Ben Leming 30.4 – Brett Carter 29.8 – Henry Barry 27.2.

9:40pm – The Dem primary in the 8th was called for Roy Herron.

9:50pm – No surprise here incumbent Dem. Steve Cohen has been declared the winner in the 9th district and it looks like he will win with a huge margin.

10:00pm – Wow I smell possible recount in the 3rd district. Fleischmann has 126 vote lead of Smith with 77.6% reporting.

10:03pm – The GOP primary in the 8th has been called for Stephen Fincher. George Flinn is in third place. Flinn definitely didn’t get his $3 million worth on that campaign.

10:14pm – With 90% in things are looking up for Fleichmann he is now winning 29.1 to Smith’s 28.5.

10:50pm – Amazing with roughly 70% reporting both party’s primary in the 6th district are very close three way races.

10:52pm – The AP has just called the GOP primary in the 3rd district for Chuck Fleischmann. A close win for Mike Huckabee’s candidate and defeat for the Club for Growth that spend big for Smith. Fleischmann is almost assured to be election in November.

11:30pm – 95.8% reporting in the 6th and neither primary has been called. On the Dem side Carter has only a 158 vote lead over Barry. On the Republicans side Black lead with 31% and followed by Zelenik and Tracy at 29.9.

11:50pm – On the Dem side in the 6th it hasn’t been called but with a 100% reporting Brett Carter has a 232 vote lead overHenry Barry.

12:05pm – last important race of the night has been called. In the 6th district it is Republican Diane Black vs. Dem Brett Carter. Black should have the advantage in November.

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