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Peter Peterson’s Letter to Warren Buffett: Let Old People Eat Cat Food to Save the Unborn

Peter G. Peterson has crawled onto the Bill Gates-Warren Buffett bandwagon, The Giving Pledge, to pass on his money to “philanthropy.” He wants us “lesser people” to know that he is not one of those billionaire psychopaths but a loving, compassionate member of our society. The “charity” organizations of choice he highlights in his pledge-letter to Bill and Warren?* Brain research? The homeless? The worthy causes some of the other 40 on the pledge-list have named? No, no, no. His "charity" organizations are:

Peterson Institute for International Economics
The Council on Foreign Relations
The Concord Coalition
Peter G. Peterson Foundation

And what exactly does Peterson want these organizations to use his blood money for? You guessed right again. To slash and kill society’s evils, those “unfunded entitlement promises,” “ballooning debts to foreign lenders,” and America’s “mushrooming healthcare costs.”

In fact, he considers our “massive, hidden debts and unthinkable taxes” as “child abuse,” clubbing to death our future children and grandchildren. This domestic violence, Peterson claims, “is not only an economic issue but a national security issue and, above all, a moral issue.”

Remarkably, Peterson even calls on us to join in this “shared sacrifice," and he hopes to use his money to show us how to “educate” each other on how to better do this.

Thanks, Peter, for donating your pennies to the "unborn" and not to the ones we already have starving today in this country. I appreciate your "shared sacrifice." And tonight when you are sleeping like a baby in your Gilded bed, I’ll pray to whatever God I want to that there is a hell after all, so that one day “philanthropists” like you can rot in it.

*Note: In order to see Peterson’s original letter, readers need to scroll down to his name after clicking on this link to the Giving Pledge page. Then, click on his name and there is an another link which takes you to his letter.

"Country District School Wagon, Bain Collection, Library of Congress, via Flickr, No known restrictions on publication."


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Doug Martin

Doug Martin

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